A Call For Prophetic Intercession

I was given a dream months ago and today the Lord has asked me to release this word. Not to frighten but to prepare His Church. I saw a man who was smiling, and he was speaking to a large crowd. The crowd applauded and rejoiced at his message. The sky quickly turned dark crimson red and darkness came over this man. He ascended into the sky and transformed into an evil entity with a head full of serpents actively swarming around. “This man of perdition and son of sin revealed himself when he began to rise into the sky and exalt himself above all that is called God to sit and show himself as God” (2 Thessalonians 2:4)

he smiled in delight as the body of Christ began to erupt into chaos. The people were violent, seeking their leaders and fellow brothers but to spew words of hate, anger, division, and discord. The servants of God hid in fear and could not speak, could not cry out. They were paralyzed in fear.

I awoke from my dream and the Lord immediately whispered to me “the spirit of the antichrist is present and is attacking the church and the people of God” I put this out of sight and out of mind for several months as I waited to see what would unfold. I have been deep in prayer seeking the Lord about this and asking for revelation about this dream. I received a stirring in my spirit and was moved to draft this when I read another prophecy sent to me by a servant of God.

The Lord is saying to me: the spirit of the antichrist is already here, the serpents on his head are his agenda to sow hate, anger, division, discord, and destruction. His goal is to wage war on God’s chosen people and he is being strengthened by the devil himself and the false prophets. The false prophet is news source that is feeding us the division and discord and this spirit is having a field day poisoning our minds and our hearts. Many are being led astray as the trinity of evil is hard at work in its final attempts to oppose God’s divine and perfect plan.”

Warriors and servants of God it is time to come out of hiding. We do not need to run and hide in fear from the opinions, persecutions, and ridicules of mankind. The Lord goes before you and He will give you the strength and protection you will require in this hour. You have been given an assignment and a purpose to fulfil! Let us raise our voices and bring the down the heavens and the glory of God to earth. This is an urgent call for intercessory prayer, a call to speak the Word of God out loud, utilize your social media platforms and spread the good news of the gospel like wildfire! Let the voice of the Lord penetrate the noise and destruction that fills our newsfeed. Hold tight to the Word and use the power and authority He has given you. Steer clear of distractions and the enemy’s tactics to take your eyes off the real issue at hand. Keep your eyes focused on the one true source of all power and authority, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Let us prepare our hearts and make a path straight for Him, He is coming! HE is coming to set things right and take back the world and for which He died to save. He is coming to gather His army (His Church), and He is coming as the Mighty Fierce Warrior with the full wrath of God to annihilate the antichrist, satan, and his cohorts. He is coming to send these entities back to the gates of hell where they belong!! Prepare your hearts, HE IS COMING SOON and our Almighty God will be exalted and He will take His place as KING of this earth!

You Will Be My People and I will be your God

I Am the Lord your God and you are My people. I declare My Covenant promises to you.  “I will create in you a new heart” says the Lord your God.  In your determination towards wholeness, you are beginning to see all the imperfections inside that require deliverance. You have given Me full access to the depths of your heart and My unconditional love is touching every desperate place inside you; My great love is bringing you a genuine transformation from the inside out.

In Faith you have placed your life in My hands, and I work tirelessly to tear down and root out the old nature and all its filth. A clean dwelling place is being built, a place where I can come and fellowship with you.  A place that will enable My Spirit to fall upon you; My Spirit will become one with yours so that I can reveal myself to you at a more intimate level. You will bloom like a flower in the desert and others will see the beauty that has blossomed in a place that was once dry and desolate. You will laugh, you will know joy, and you will enjoy life in all its fullness.

Like a soldier you have stood strong and unwavering in your faith, My breath has given you life and by My Spirit you have been resurrected.  You will no longer live in defeat, nor will you walk in shame and disgrace. In obedience you have placed My Truth at the forefront of your life, now watch Me as I begin to pour down blessing upon blessing. The time has come for you to stand up and take possession of your promise land. Right now, the covenant promises of prosperity are being released.  I will restore all that was lost and forfeited in your past obedience to sin.

 You will be established as a great nation under the order of your Almighty God. You have received My unmerited favor and I Am releasing an outpouring of grace and mercy upon your life. This restoration and increase in your life will be a powerful testimony to a watching world. It will proclaim My greatness and they will see the work of My powerful hand. This work will silence all blasphemers and those that ridicule Me because your walk in victory will speak to the truth that I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I Am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and I Am indeed a covenant keeping God!

The Line Has Been Drawn

I have been in deep prayer and seeking God’s heart about the reopening of this economy. The Lord says, “If you seek me with all your heart you will find me.” I have a word:

In these uncertain and fearful times of the world, I am close, and I draw near to you. Give yourself wholly unto Me in prayer and give Me your full trust as you are witnessing the fulfillment of My Word and unfolding of My Truth. Take no notice of the noise and distractions of your surroundings. During this time of turmoil and discord seek Me with all your heart, and I will make Myself known to you. I shall make My face shine upon you; I will be gracious and grant you My peace. You will see and taste My goodness as you keep your eyes focused solely on Me.

A time of great tribulation has come but remember to whom you belong. You have been appropriated as sons and daughters of The Living God. You are being restored to walk on earth with your full inheritance of authority and dominion. Hold fast to the promise that NO weapon formed against you shall prosper. I have listened to the grounds on which you bring the petitions of your heart and you have laid them upon the throne of the Almighty God with selfless motives and full faith. In this hour, I will begin to separate you as My children on Earth and unite you as a fortified wall to this nation.

You are the workmanship of My powerful hand, you are My elect, you have been chosen and predestined to walk in faith and in My strength during this time. So, let your heart not be troubled because your victory in this great time of trial and test of faith shall bring Me great Glory; The time has come where every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that I AM GOD!

**Inspired by John 17

Sorrow Will Become Joy

  I’ve walked with you your whole life and I know the pain you have tolerated. The way your broken heart bleeds and the wounds in your soul.   I am aware of all your sufferings.  In your despair, I have comforted you and I am here to catch all your tears.  I perceive your thoughts, the good and the bad.  I am working in the depths of your heart.  I am tenderly teaching you my ways and impressing my heart upon you.  I am bringing healing where you’ve been wounded, and I long to enliven your spirit.

Amid the anguish and pain you are facing, I want you to trust me. I may not reveal My plan for you, and I know you don’t understand but persevere, even when you are afraid and when you feel alone. I am right beside you in every step you take. The hurt of the sorrows you are enduring will not compare to the taste and overwhelming joy you will experience when I reveal My glory in your pain. Your heart will rejoice at the abundance of joy I will impart, and no one will be able to take it from you.

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He is Risen

Oh Gracious King, Lover of my soul, give my heart and my mind words as I begin to minister to you this Resurrection Sunday:

He is Risen!! He is no longer the lowly man of Galilee, He is no longer the forsaken of God for our sins. He is The Almighty El Shaddai God seated above at the right hand of the Father.  Let us rejoice! The Spirit is here. The Glory of our God, The Lord is here.

Precious Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Your Beloved stands in your light and grace. My Lord, you have justified me before our Father. Through your precious blood shed you have pardoned my behaviors and my faults. In your sacrificial love, you have washed me clean. At the cross I have been made righteous and I am no longer a criminal before God. You were crucified because of my sins, your final breath has given me life. Your work on the cross is finished, My Lord, and my redemption is complete. I Thank you, My King. I am forever grateful for what you have done for me.

Transition And Change

In honor of Holy week: John 15:18-26 and 1 Peter 4:14-16

I see you timid, I see your discomfort, and I see your hesitation to speak in My name. You struggle with proclaiming My promises and you are fearful of what others may say or think. Sometimes you hesitate with testifying to My works in your life. You lack confidence with who you are and the authority you’ve been given because others may not consider you worthy or qualified. You are afraid of persecution and you are afraid of rejection. You often hide behind your worldly accomplishments and spiritual accomplishments and at times you isolate yourself from the world in fear that you are misunderstood.

These behaviors are no longer necessary, you have walked in My footsteps and have honored My will for your life, therefore you are My partner, My friend, and My beloved child. Lift your head and do not be discouraged, I Am cultivating every detail in your life and removing all the limitations in your personality that cause you disbelief of who you are in Me.

I am asking for your total dependence and trust in Me during this season. A transition of your faith is taking place, a transition from the faith of a servant to the faith of a daughter. This transition will bring great privileges and gifts. I ask you to treasure these gifts without becoming too proud. Remember, I abide in you not because you chose Me but because I have chosen you. I have loved you despite your mistakes and now I command you to demonstrate the love I have freely given you… to others, even those who are unlovable.

This change will bring growth and maturity in your walk. This change will also bring rejection and rebellion from those who are in the world. There is one who dominates this world and causes rejection and rebellion against Me and those who come in My name. Take comfort for the world’s hatred is directed towards Me and Me alone. These attacks are not meant for you personally but for who and what you stand for. I also have stood in humiliation, persecution, and opposition and I have experienced the hostile and aggressive nature of those who reject and rebel against Me, so you should not expect anything less. They hated Me without cause, but I urge you to love in such a way that is also without cause so that the world may see Me in you. If you are rejected for my namesake, blessed are you! For My spirit and glory rest upon you. If you suffer as a Christian do not be ashamed but glorify My name.

I will strengthen you with the capability to show compassion and sympathy for your persecutors, for they truly do not know who I Am. It is My Spirit that will bring you Comfort and Counsel so that you may stand in love and walk in peace. You are in the world, but you are not of the world. You are separated, separated to the call I have on your life. Take this opposition and may you find it pleasant in your eyes because it will be proof and a guarantee that you are chosen by Me.

On the cross, I have taken all your shame, your guilt, and your inadequacies. On the cross, I have crucified your fear, your feelings of unworthiness, and your need for justification. I have justified you; I have called you, I have set you apart, and I have qualified you. You have been given My Spirit and Holy presence. I have given you The Comforter, He will be your Advocate beside you as you bear witness to Me. He will be your strength and assurance when fear tries to arise. I have given you The Counselor, He will give you wisdom and knowledge so that you can testify to My power and work in your life. I have given you The Helper, He will give you courage to humbly face all opposition.

You are qualified to bear witness to me because you trust in Me. You call on My name and you have walked closely with Me since the beginning of this journey. You have kept My word and My decrees. You have made me a part of your life and now I have made you a part of mine. I have armed you with My presence and My gifts for the road ahead and it is in My strength that you can and will endure all things.

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Your Training Begins

Take up your cross and follow me.. Open my book of Truth and begin your journey. I will show you my purpose, my heart, my will, and my ways. My spirit will come upon you, and my heart will become one with yours. My engrafted word will begin to change your ideas, your words, your prayers, your crowd, but most importantly, My word will begin to change your heart.

You will face rejection, you will face persecution, ridicule, and you will experience humiliation in your service to me, Opposition will make you feel as if though you are alone. But, I am the Lord, your God and I will send my people to help you, They will teach you, give you guidance, and they will encourage you. I will begin to give you revelation to my word and begin to unravel my plans for my church and my plans for you. I will strengthen you to stand in my great love as I use these trials and sufferings to show you the hinderances and blinders that occupy your heart and mind; these things that stop you from seeing and experiencing My Glory.

Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed, remember I am the Potter and you are the clay… you are the work of my powerful hand. You have answered the call of Adonai, and I will show you The Great I AM! You will learn that apart from me you can do nothing. I need your total dependence on me so that you do not compromise my will and my words. Do not fear and do not be troubled because as I begin to shift your atmosphere and pull you from your comfort zone, you will remember my words “ Never will I leave you and Never will I forsake you” You will know the price and pain for following me, you will shed many tears but I will keep you grounded in my word and under my wings you shall take refuge. I will redeem you and I will give you strength to endure. I will be with you every step of the way to guide you and protect you. I will refine you and begin to raise up a David and the world will see that you are being trained by me and you are grounded in My Truth.

You will walk in my perfect and unfailing love, and my Church, my Bride, whom I call my Beloved will be your primary priority. I will bestow my powerful mantle upon you. You will cast out demons in my name, you will heal the sick in my name, and as you stay close to me I will share my plans for the future of my people. You will go forth into the world and You will speak my heart to the nations. You will lead my people to salvation and freedom. I Am the Way, I Am the Truth, and I Am the Life, and no one comes to Father except through Me. I Am The Door to the sheepfold.. and I Am your Great Shepherd. Do not try and rush my plan or get ahead of my timing. Keep your eyes focused on ME and Trust that I AM in sovereign control of all things.

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I Am Your Peace

Beloved Sons and daughters: 

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid nor discouraged because I Am with you. 

Although the ruler of this world has come, he has NOTHING in ME. I have conquered sin and death and it is through my sufferings that you have been saved. This world cannot see nor do they comprehend what I am doing, but you see, because you have kept yourself hidden in my word. 

You have kept my commandments therefore you will remain unshaken. It is because of your faith in me that you carry my spirit inside you and I have chosen to dwell within you. It is my Spirit who will comfort you, it is my spirit who will help you when fear tries to overcome you and It is my spirit that will bring you peace. This peace I give you will rule in your heart and will control your thoughts and emotions. It will be a peace that will surpass all understanding. 

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So, let your hearts not be troubled nor let it be afraid. Trust Me… Trust that I Am in control of all things, and this must come to pass. It is Because you love me that I will keep my promises to you. I will never leave you, nor will I ever abandon you. I Am always with you and as you draw near to me, I will manifest my presence to you. As you place your trust and rely on Me, I will provide for you and all your needs. As you search and seek my face, I will guide you and direct all your steps. 

Take hold of my hand as we walk through this valley and fear not… I will shield you and defend you from all sickness and disease because I Am your Great Protector! Rest in my presence, My beloved, and remember I have laid my life down for you; I have paid the price for your ransom, you do not belong to this world and nothing can separate you from my Great Love. 

***inspired by John 14

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A Story of Surrender And Redemption


I walk in misery as I hesitate in my obedience to you. I don’t delight in sin enough to take pleasure but obedience to you seems uninviting. I can’t seem to make myself home in this world, I try and seek you but the haunting of my past stops me from finding refuge in you. I walk aimlessly, I walk restless; I walk, but I walk without purpose. I do not belong to this world nor do I fit in, yet I put forth great effort to prove otherwise.

I have searched high and low for a life of purpose. I have searched for peace, and I cannot find it. I am conflicted and I am wavering in my faith. Look upon me with compassion, My Lord. Listen to the cries of my heart….

My child,

I am here, I come running to meet you right where you are. I hear the cries of your heart. You are weary so come rest in my presence, come sit down at the basin of grace as I begin to wash you and cleanse your from the paths you have traveled and the steps you have taken. I do not require an explanation of your wanderings, just know that I love you. I love you with a love that has no beginning and no end, I love you with a love that is without measure, a love that is unchanging.

Give your heart to me and let your eyes delight in my ways as I begin to reveal myself to you. I extend my unending grace to you and I will begin to remove every spot, blemish, and wrinkle. I will begin to cut away all that is dead and unfruitful. You will feel the sting of my perfect work, but I will not let you decay nor will I let you wither because you will be rooted in me. I will bring you nourishment and I will give you strength as I condition and prepare you for service.

You see, Your life was never your own, for I have chosen you since the beginning of time, I will begin to direct your steps as you go forth and You will be a great extension of my work and I will work through you to bring more into my kingdom. You will remain in me and I will remain in you, I will grant you the petitions of your heart and whatever you ask in my name shall be done. You are pleasing to me and you will bring me honor and glory all the days of your life.

***Inspired by John Chapter 15

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Jesus Wept

The heart of God during this time:  

He knows… He knows and He shares in your heartache, your grief, and in your great pain. 

He weeps with compassion for you, He weeps at the heartbreak and turmoil that illness and death cause, He weeps at your emotional and physical condition, He weeps for the frailty of your emotions. He weeps in all your suffering… 

Release your pain while He embraces you and wraps you in His arms. He sees your tears and In His great love He draws near to comfort you as you struggle to get through the day. He is with you in the midst of all this heartache and all this pain and know that He will bring you calm and a peace that is beyond what your mind can comprehend, a steadfast love that will never fail you, and His tangible presence to assure you that you are never alone. 

“Let me hold you and dry your tears. Feel my love and presence and know that I am with you. Never will I leave you,
Never will I forsake you”