A Call For Prophetic Intercession

I was given a dream months ago and today the Lord has asked me to release this word. Not to frighten but to prepare His Church. I saw a man who was smiling, and he was speaking to a large crowd. The crowd applauded and rejoiced at his message. The sky quickly turned dark crimson red and darkness came over this man. He ascended into the sky and transformed into an evil entity with a head full of serpents actively swarming around. “This man of perdition and son of sin revealed himself when he began to rise into the sky and exalt himself above all that is called God to sit and show himself as God” (2 Thessalonians 2:4)

he smiled in delight as the body of Christ began to erupt into chaos. The people were violent, seeking their leaders and fellow brothers but to spew words of hate, anger, division, and discord. The servants of God hid in fear and could not speak, could not cry out. They were paralyzed in fear.

I awoke from my dream and the Lord immediately whispered to me “the spirit of the antichrist is present and is attacking the church and the people of God” I put this out of sight and out of mind for several months as I waited to see what would unfold. I have been deep in prayer seeking the Lord about this and asking for revelation about this dream. I received a stirring in my spirit and was moved to draft this when I read another prophecy sent to me by a servant of God.

The Lord is saying to me: the spirit of the antichrist is already here, the serpents on his head are his agenda to sow hate, anger, division, discord, and destruction. His goal is to wage war on God’s chosen people and he is being strengthened by the devil himself and the false prophets. The false prophet is news source that is feeding us the division and discord and this spirit is having a field day poisoning our minds and our hearts. Many are being led astray as the trinity of evil is hard at work in its final attempts to oppose God’s divine and perfect plan.”

Warriors and servants of God it is time to come out of hiding. We do not need to run and hide in fear from the opinions, persecutions, and ridicules of mankind. The Lord goes before you and He will give you the strength and protection you will require in this hour. You have been given an assignment and a purpose to fulfil! Let us raise our voices and bring the down the heavens and the glory of God to earth. This is an urgent call for intercessory prayer, a call to speak the Word of God out loud, utilize your social media platforms and spread the good news of the gospel like wildfire! Let the voice of the Lord penetrate the noise and destruction that fills our newsfeed. Hold tight to the Word and use the power and authority He has given you. Steer clear of distractions and the enemy’s tactics to take your eyes off the real issue at hand. Keep your eyes focused on the one true source of all power and authority, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Let us prepare our hearts and make a path straight for Him, He is coming! HE is coming to set things right and take back the world and for which He died to save. He is coming to gather His army (His Church), and He is coming as the Mighty Fierce Warrior with the full wrath of God to annihilate the antichrist, satan, and his cohorts. He is coming to send these entities back to the gates of hell where they belong!! Prepare your hearts, HE IS COMING SOON and our Almighty God will be exalted and He will take His place as KING of this earth!

Author: faithwalk08

My entire life has been a life of trials and tribulations. I have experienced abuse, rejection, criticism, and a life of pain. I have fallen in love with my Savior. He has delivered me from so much darkness and hurt. I will spend my life writing for HIS glory.

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