You Will Be My People and I will be your God

I Am the Lord your God and you are My people. I declare My Covenant promises to you.  “I will create in you a new heart” says the Lord your God.  In your determination towards wholeness, you are beginning to see all the imperfections inside that require deliverance. You have given Me full access to the depths of your heart and My unconditional love is touching every desperate place inside you; My great love is bringing you a genuine transformation from the inside out.

In Faith you have placed your life in My hands, and I work tirelessly to tear down and root out the old nature and all its filth. A clean dwelling place is being built, a place where I can come and fellowship with you.  A place that will enable My Spirit to fall upon you; My Spirit will become one with yours so that I can reveal myself to you at a more intimate level. You will bloom like a flower in the desert and others will see the beauty that has blossomed in a place that was once dry and desolate. You will laugh, you will know joy, and you will enjoy life in all its fullness.

Like a soldier you have stood strong and unwavering in your faith, My breath has given you life and by My Spirit you have been resurrected.  You will no longer live in defeat, nor will you walk in shame and disgrace. In obedience you have placed My Truth at the forefront of your life, now watch Me as I begin to pour down blessing upon blessing. The time has come for you to stand up and take possession of your promise land. Right now, the covenant promises of prosperity are being released.  I will restore all that was lost and forfeited in your past obedience to sin.

 You will be established as a great nation under the order of your Almighty God. You have received My unmerited favor and I Am releasing an outpouring of grace and mercy upon your life. This restoration and increase in your life will be a powerful testimony to a watching world. It will proclaim My greatness and they will see the work of My powerful hand. This work will silence all blasphemers and those that ridicule Me because your walk in victory will speak to the truth that I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I Am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and I Am indeed a covenant keeping God!

Author: faithwalk08

My entire life has been a life of trials and tribulations. I have experienced abuse, rejection, criticism, and a life of pain. I have fallen in love with my Savior. He has delivered me from so much darkness and hurt. I will spend my life writing for HIS glory.

One thought on “You Will Be My People and I will be your God”

  1. “‘I will create in you a new heart’ says the Lord your God. In your determination towards wholeness, you are beginning to see all the imperfections inside that require deliverance. ”

    I identify with these sentences. It does seem that the more I learn and grow, the more I notice the imperfections and areas that need work in my heart. Sometimes, it comes in the form of condemnation; but that’s just the enemy trying to discourage me. More often than not, the awareness of all that needs to change in me comes in the form of the Spirit saying, “Child, I love you. Thank you for being teachable. Now, we have some more work to do.”

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