Sorrow Will Become Joy

  I’ve walked with you your whole life and I know the pain you have tolerated. The way your broken heart bleeds and the wounds in your soul.   I am aware of all your sufferings.  In your despair, I have comforted you and I am here to catch all your tears.  I perceive your thoughts, the good and the bad.  I am working in the depths of your heart.  I am tenderly teaching you my ways and impressing my heart upon you.  I am bringing healing where you’ve been wounded, and I long to enliven your spirit.

Amid the anguish and pain you are facing, I want you to trust me. I may not reveal My plan for you, and I know you don’t understand but persevere, even when you are afraid and when you feel alone. I am right beside you in every step you take. The hurt of the sorrows you are enduring will not compare to the taste and overwhelming joy you will experience when I reveal My glory in your pain. Your heart will rejoice at the abundance of joy I will impart, and no one will be able to take it from you.

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Author: faithwalk08

My entire life has been a life of trials and tribulations. I have experienced abuse, rejection, criticism, and a life of pain. I have fallen in love with my Savior. He has delivered me from so much darkness and hurt. I will spend my life writing for HIS glory.

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