Transition And Change

In honor of Holy week: John 15:18-26 and 1 Peter 4:14-16

I see you timid, I see your discomfort, and I see your hesitation to speak in My name. You struggle with proclaiming My promises and you are fearful of what others may say or think. Sometimes you hesitate with testifying to My works in your life. You lack confidence with who you are and the authority you’ve been given because others may not consider you worthy or qualified. You are afraid of persecution and you are afraid of rejection. You often hide behind your worldly accomplishments and spiritual accomplishments and at times you isolate yourself from the world in fear that you are misunderstood.

These behaviors are no longer necessary, you have walked in My footsteps and have honored My will for your life, therefore you are My partner, My friend, and My beloved child. Lift your head and do not be discouraged, I Am cultivating every detail in your life and removing all the limitations in your personality that cause you disbelief of who you are in Me.

I am asking for your total dependence and trust in Me during this season. A transition of your faith is taking place, a transition from the faith of a servant to the faith of a daughter. This transition will bring great privileges and gifts. I ask you to treasure these gifts without becoming too proud. Remember, I abide in you not because you chose Me but because I have chosen you. I have loved you despite your mistakes and now I command you to demonstrate the love I have freely given you… to others, even those who are unlovable.

This change will bring growth and maturity in your walk. This change will also bring rejection and rebellion from those who are in the world. There is one who dominates this world and causes rejection and rebellion against Me and those who come in My name. Take comfort for the world’s hatred is directed towards Me and Me alone. These attacks are not meant for you personally but for who and what you stand for. I also have stood in humiliation, persecution, and opposition and I have experienced the hostile and aggressive nature of those who reject and rebel against Me, so you should not expect anything less. They hated Me without cause, but I urge you to love in such a way that is also without cause so that the world may see Me in you. If you are rejected for my namesake, blessed are you! For My spirit and glory rest upon you. If you suffer as a Christian do not be ashamed but glorify My name.

I will strengthen you with the capability to show compassion and sympathy for your persecutors, for they truly do not know who I Am. It is My Spirit that will bring you Comfort and Counsel so that you may stand in love and walk in peace. You are in the world, but you are not of the world. You are separated, separated to the call I have on your life. Take this opposition and may you find it pleasant in your eyes because it will be proof and a guarantee that you are chosen by Me.

On the cross, I have taken all your shame, your guilt, and your inadequacies. On the cross, I have crucified your fear, your feelings of unworthiness, and your need for justification. I have justified you; I have called you, I have set you apart, and I have qualified you. You have been given My Spirit and Holy presence. I have given you The Comforter, He will be your Advocate beside you as you bear witness to Me. He will be your strength and assurance when fear tries to arise. I have given you The Counselor, He will give you wisdom and knowledge so that you can testify to My power and work in your life. I have given you The Helper, He will give you courage to humbly face all opposition.

You are qualified to bear witness to me because you trust in Me. You call on My name and you have walked closely with Me since the beginning of this journey. You have kept My word and My decrees. You have made me a part of your life and now I have made you a part of mine. I have armed you with My presence and My gifts for the road ahead and it is in My strength that you can and will endure all things.

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Author: faithwalk08

My entire life has been a life of trials and tribulations. I have experienced abuse, rejection, criticism, and a life of pain. I have fallen in love with my Savior. He has delivered me from so much darkness and hurt. I will spend my life writing for HIS glory.

One thought on “Transition And Change”

  1. Thanks for sharing your heart in this post! ❤️ I read this the other day and it spoke to me immensely.
    God chooses imperfect vessels, like me, like all of us who have been wounded, who have physical or emotional limitations. Then he prepares us to serve and sends us out with our weakness still in evidence, so that his strength can be made perfect in that weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). More often than not, it’s our weakness that makes us capable of serving, because those we serve identify with our pain.

    As always, God will work in us so he can work through us.

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